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  • Waterland is dedicated to sustainable tourism.

  • We heat our water using solar panels.

  • We source over 90% of our electricity from solar panels.

  • We spearhead local conservation efforts.

  • We minimize the use of single-use plastics.

  • ​The staff provides free tutoring to members of the community.

  • We shelter an array of orphaned animals including dogs, cats, and birds.

  • We provide funds and logistics to support local festivals and neighborhood improvements.

  • We support a consortium of local boat owners and 3-wheeler drivers that provides transparent pricing for tourists and a living wage for locals.


  • We value our staff.

  • The staff receive a share of the revenue.

  • We contribute to a pension fund for the staff.

  • We provide fully paid sick leave.

  • We take the staff on staff trips so that they too can experience the joy of travel.

  • We treat the staff with the respect and dignity they deserve and expect our guests to  do the same.

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