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May 14, 2016

In modern society, we are increasingly disconnected from the things around us.

By learning how some things are made, we better appreciate man's ingenuity.  And by trying our hand at making things ourselves, we enjoy the satisfaction of creation and establish a new relationship with the people and things around us.


It is in this spirit that Waterland offers a half day experience focused on making things.  In this experience, a driver/guide will take you by air conditioned car from Waterland to nearby factories and workshops.


One of the workshops visited makes bricks.  Here you will discover how bricks are made and will get to try your hand at one step in the process of brick-making.

At a roof tile workshop, you will learn about the different steps in the manufacturing process and will get to try your hand at one step in process of roof tile making.

At a coir workshop, you will learn how different products including twine, textiles, and fertilizer are made from coconut husks.

Additionally, one of two other factories can be visited depending on availability and guest interest.


One of these factories makes the finest porcelain in Sri Lanka.  A bonus of the visit to the porcelain factory is that it has an excellent shop on site where bargains can be had.


A second factory that we can sometimes visit is an ice factory.


All the workshops and factories are located within 10 kilometers of Waterland.

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