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Experiencing Negombo's diversity

May 5, 2016

Sri Lanka is a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, and multi-religious society.  This tour allows you to feel and appreciate that diversity.

Below is a suggested itinerary.  You can work out the itinerary you like with your driver.


Your first stop might be the Muslim Poruthota Jumuah Mosque. 


The majority of Negombo's population is Catholic and over the years the Catholic community has built a large number of magnificent churches, earning Negombo the nickname Little Rome.  A next stop might be the neo-Gothic St. Sebastian's on Sea Street, the most grandiose of these churches.

Further along the same street, you can stop at the Hindu Sri Sithi Vinayagar Temple.

Next, visit he neo-classical St. Mary's Church on Main Street, Negombo's most famous church.

At Negombo Fish Market, a fisherman can take you around the market showing you nets, fish, and the many steps followed to prepare dried fish.


After the temple complex, go on a series of bridges that provide panoramic views of Negombo Lagoon.  Instead of going to the more touristic parts of Negombo Lagoon, stop at Duwa, a charming fishing villa with the lagoon on one side and the ocean on the other.

The Buddhist Angurukaamulla Temple Complex is another great place to visit.

The itinerary including GPS coordinates may be found at




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