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April 16, 2016

In the 5 months that we have been open, we have accomplished much.  The quality of the property and the services have earned Waterland a loyal following and guests often comment on how much they enjoyed their stay and how much they look forward to returning.  That level of satisfaction has earned Waterland top reviews on Trip Advisor, Booking.com, Airbnb.com, ...


There are 7 features that are consistently praised:

  1. The beauty and uniqueness of the location.

  2. The beauty and uniqueness of the villa design.

  3. The luxury of a personal infinity-edge plunge pool.

  4. The comfort of the beds, sofas, and chairs.

  5. The friendly, attentive, and helpful staff.

  6. The cleanliness of the villas.

  7. The excellence of the auxiliary services we help arrange: transportation, tours, special activities, massage treatments, ...


The guests have astutely identified 7 main areas for improvement.

  1. The generator that we relied on for much of our electricity was loud.

  2. There was not enough privacy in the villas or the pools.

  3. The meals took a long time to prepare, had to be ordered in advance, and were not of high quality.

  4. Some of the night staff did not speak good English.

  5. The check-out process was sometimes too long.

  6. There were often leaves in the infinity-edge plunge pool when guests wanted to use the pool.

  7. The Wi-Fi connections in two of the villas were sometimes slow.


We listened and made the following upgrades in March and April, 2016.



1. We obtained a 3-phase electricity connection sufficient to meet all the needs of the property.  This connection involved the installation of almost 1 kilometer of cables from the power distribution hub to Waterland.  When the new electricity connection was installed, the loud generator was removed.

2. We planted over 60 red palms, 20 bamboo plants, and 200 other plants including ginger, heliconia, and banana around the property.  The additional landscaping provides much greater privacy for the pools and villas and enhances the tropical ambiance.

3. Before, our kitchen operations consisted of only 1 insufficiently experienced cook.  We now have two kitchen staff: an experienced chef and a skilled cook.  The kitchen itself was significantly upgraded, kitchen operations were systemetized, and a new menu has been launched.  We are now able to serve high quality nutritious meals with short wait times.

4. We hired 3 new staff members including a stupendous chef and an experienced cook to assist him.  We expanded the staff to 6.  5 of the 6 speak good English.

5. We have steam-lined the check-out process.  Now, the front desk processes the villa charges before or at check-in, provides guests with registration cards upon check-in, and provides them with invoices.

6. We increased the number of times that we clean each pools from 1 time per day to 2 times per day.

 7. We added 2 additional routers to improve the Wi-Fi connections.




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