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Make your own batik

March 30, 2016

Batik is a technique that uses wax to decorate fabric.  The technique was introduced to Sri Lanka in the 18th century by the Dutch during their rule of the country.  The Dutch brought the technique from Indonesia, one of their other colonies.  Batik is a Javanese word that means writing in wax.

Waterland offers you the unique chance to make you own batik.

Your batik-making journey will take you 30 minutes up the coast where several villages specialize in batik-making.

In one of these villages, you will have a 3-hour workshop on how to make batik.  


In this workshop, your host will show you the different stages of batik-making and you will have the chance to observe some master batik artists.  

After you see how others work, your host will teach you how to paint a batik.


Each guest will then apply molten wax to a 5 meter piece of fabric and paint a design on that fabric. This batik is yours to keep.  

At the end of the workshop, you will have the chance to buy batiks that the master batik-makers have produced.  These batiks are offered at wholesale prices since they are being sold where they are made.

 The entire workshop including transportation will take about 4 1/2 hours.


Below is the cost of the workshop including round-trip transportation from Waterland, the workshop, the fabric, and refeshments.  Please play the driver directly.  

  • 2 people 18,000 LKR

  • 3 people: 24,000 LKR

  • 4 people: 32,000 LKR

  • 5 people: 38,000 LKR

  • 6 people: 44,000 LKR


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