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Things to do in Negombo

December 22, 2015


When coming for a holiday, people often focus on seeing things, rather than experiencing them.  A stay at Waterland offers the chance to experience local color in a place of extraordinary natural beauty.


Walk along the lanes in our area, admiring the lush gardens and meeting people in the neighborhood. Visit some of the neigborhood churches.  For a real tropical experience, go to a church right on the beach!  The beach and church are only 600 meters from waterland.



Take a boat trip along the Dutch Canal north to Waikal, a bird-watcher's paradise.  Along the trip you are likely to see herons, egrets, cormorants, terns, kites, parakeets, bulbuls, and robins.  Stop for a drink or a meal at the Canal Restaurant in Waikal.


Take a boat trip south into Negombo Lagoon.  On the way to Negombo Lagoon, you are likely to see villagers fishing in the canal, children flying kites, and people going about their daily chores. You will pass by villagers' homes, shops, and schools. In Negombo Lagoon, you will pass coconut plantations, rice paddies, and picturesque mangroves.



Take a boat trip on an oruva, a type of fishing vessel brought to Sri Lanka from Africa. Take the oruva along the Maha Oya River into the Indian Ocean.


Walk along Negombo Beach, a vast golden sand beach that stretches for miles.  Have a drink or a meal at one of the many bars and restaurants on the beach.Go with our driver to a Muslim mosque, a Hindu Temple, a Buddhist Temple, and several of Negombo's majestic Catholic churches.  Drive along Negombo's picturesque lagoon.  Stop at one of Negombo's fish markets and learn how fish are caught and prepared.  



Relax.  Enjoy an Ayurvedic treatment, sun-bathe on your patio, have a drink in your infinity-edge plunge pool, immerse yourself in a good book, try one of our selection of Sri Lankan tea, have a gourmet meal in the lounge or on the patio by the lounge as you watch boats glide by. 


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