March 18, 2016

What are the odds of having not one but two aesthetic geniuses in the family?  Geoffrey Bawa helped define what has come to be known as tropical modern design, a blend of native, colonial, and contemporary materials, concerns, and aesthetics. Geoffrey Bawa’s influence may be found in resorts and villas across Asia including Sri Lanka.  Geoffrey Bawa’s brother was similarly talented.  A key interest of both Bawas was the blurring of indoor and outdoor spaces.

The Bawas were from a cosmopolitan and eccentric family.  That worldliness and eccentricity is reflected in their artistic creations.  Michael Ondaatje’s insightful and entertaining Running in the Family provides a great feel for the sort of background in which the Bawas were raised.

To experience the genius of the Bawa brothers, we suggest a visit to Bewis Bawa’s masterpiece, Brief Garden, in the morning. 

After an hour or two at Brief Garden, head to Lunagunga, Geoffrey Bawa’s retreat.  You might w...

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